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Mario Party: Yoshi Egg Hunt June 20, 2012

I’m almost finished posting about the Mario Party stuff. Today, I’m talking about the last game, then it will only take me one or two more blog posts to talk about the food and decorations. It makes me happy to see you guys pinning my ideas on Pintrest! And I would love to hear some feedback on what you think of the party.


Anyway… Yoshi Egg Hunt.


The Yoshi egg Hunt was another easy, fun, inexpensive game. I’m lucky that Kyan’s birthday is in may…. that is to say right AFTER Easter. We already had plastic eggs out the wah-zoo  from all the egg hunts and school parties, and the few that we bought from the store were on clearance 🙂 It’s also good for me that I realized Kyan was only turning FOUR, and far to young to care if the eggs looked like the actual white-with-green-spots Yoshi eggs. I had a friend tell me that when she did a Mario Party for her son’s 5th birthday, they decided against the egg hunt because she couldn’t fine white plastic eggs. I’m really glad my kids didn’t care about the color and were able to just have fun!


So, a Yoshi Egg Hunt works just like a regular egg hunt: An adult hides the eggs and the kids find them. We were going to do this outside, but didn’t get my yard cleaned up in time for the party (oops!). So…. while I was in the playroom doing the Boo Balloon Bash with the kids, my husband hid the eggs in the living-room and kids’ rooms. Then we gave the kids some Target bags (we have an over abundance of those!), and we let them go!



Once all the eggs were collected– or so we thought…. we still kept finding eggs for like 2 days after the party(and this is why I use PLASTIC eggs and not real eggs)– the kids got to check out their loot.



And what did the Yoshi Eggs contain? Why, gold coins of course! Believe it or not, we still had  Chuck-E-Cheese coins sitting around that didn’t get used at LELAND’S 4th  birthday (a.k.a 2 YEARS ago!). We don’t go to Chuck-E-Cheese often… pretty much not unless we’re invited to a birthday party. That place is a form of torture if you have more than 1 kid ( ALWAYS super crowded and loud, and the kids want you to WATCH them play EVER SINGLE GAME or ride). So, yeah, we had about 200 Chuck-E-Cheese coins, and we put them in the eggs.



And that was the egg hunt 🙂  It was a lot of fun. Let me know what you think!