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It’s been awhile June 5, 2013

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Wow! Has it really been almost 8 months since I updated this blog?!? Shame on me! There is no excuse. I will try to be better, and get back to posting weekly… or at least bi-weekly.


Lately, life has been CRAZY! My husband got a nice promotion at work… but it requires us to move. I’m currently finishing up my last order before packing up all my yarn. Then it will be packing, packing, cleaning, and more packing until it’s time to move….. then unpacking, unpacking, cleaning, and unpacking once we’ve gotten to our new home. I’m both excited and nervous about this new chapter of my family’s life. We’re only moving about 3 hours away from where we are now, so it’s not too terribly far from all our family here., but it’s still enough to be a big change!


We’ve lived in our current house for 7 years… Let me tell you, 7 years of stuff really adds up. I wish I wasn’t such a pack-rat! I think I have more stuff in our sell/donate pile than stuff I plan on taking with us! Anyone have any good tips for packing/purging/organizing? This is our first BIG move as a family! I feel so stressed out by the shear amount of stuff there is to get done in time!… Oh, did I mention that we’re hoping to be moved in 3 weeks, and I only have 6 boxes backed so far?!? I. Am. FREAKING! OUT!


So… All of that to say, “Crochet and other crafts are on hold for a few weeks.” Not sure what I will share on the blog in the mean time- Shoot me ideas if you have some!- but I AM DETERMINED to get this blog active again!