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Crunch Time! August 31, 2012

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Oh, it’s that time of year again. Everything was nice and calm, then, BAM! Last week of august, I get slammed with orders! I shouldn’t be surprised. This has happened every year I’ve been in business. It’s both validating and frustrating.  I love that my customers keep coming back to me (and referring their friends to me) year after year. It really makes me feel like I’m doing a good job, and make a quality product. But it also makes me so stressed when I have multiple orders that need to be filled. I hate when I get behind.


Plus, I have two craft fairs to get ready for!


Sometimes I wish I had a magic crochet fairy that could help me out… or at the very least, that I could get my husband to learn some basic stitches so he could help when it gets down to the wire. *Sigh* But I digress…. I am busy. I almost want to tell my customers that I’ll stop taking orders on ____ date  and resume after the craft shows., but hubby thinks I should take the orders since they’re guaranteed money, instead of focusing on the shows since I don’t know for sure how much (if any!) money I will make at those.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to this week… crocheting my fingers off. I do have some new products that I really want to post here, but I never find the time to take and upload the pictures. He’s to hoping that next week is slightly less stressful.




Cuteness! August 23, 2012

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Alright, getting back into the swing of things. Who’s ready to see some of the adorable crochet items I’ve been making over the summer? I’ve been busy… I have 4 new hat designs, and I’m still working on a couple more! Plus, I’m hoping to have time to make a few smaller crochet crafts within the next couple weeks. I really think that scaling back on the # of orders I take has rejuvenated my love for this craft.


Alright… on to the cutness!


First up,  this precious giraffe set that my friend, Kristen, commissioned me to make for her new baby boy 🙂




And, just yesterday, the photographer posted the sneak peaks of his newborn session, and has given me permission to post the picture with the giraffe set here 🙂 How freakin’ adorable is this?!?!


Photo by: Cherish Live Dream Photography


I also made a girl version of this set… same thing, just added a pink crochet bow. I gave it to another good photographer friend, and I’ll post pics of that as soon as she has them ready 🙂



Back to School August 21, 2012

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Sorry I haven’t updated in FOREVER and a day! The end of summer has been crazy for me! I was so sick all of July, then my mother-in-law came to visit at the beginning of August, then getting everything ready for the kids to go back to school… it’s been exhausting!


Well, my oldest started 1st grade yesterday, and my4 year old started Pre-K today… so, I’m back! I have sooo many cute new hats to show you guys, but first…. Check out my 3 cuties 🙂