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Mario Party: Food Lables June 25, 2012

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Okay, one of the easiest  and cheapest ways to make your party “theme-y” is to use food labels! You just use regular party snacks can come up with a themed name for it. For instance, Pirate Theme- Pirate Pretzles, Captin’s Cookies, etc.


For our Mario Birthday food we had:


Power-Up Pizza

Yoshi Tongues (red licorice)

Bob-ombs (Whoppers/chocolate malt balls)

Fire Balls (Cheeto balls)

Ice Power (marshmallows)

Mushroom pops

Everything was lables with a picture of  a Mario character, and I think it really brought the theme together well.

And of course we had the cupcakes!!!! I was so happy when my son decided that these were the cupcakes he wanted… BY FAR the easiest to make! I actually made it even easier on myself by having Target bakery do all the hard stuff. Of course you could make these yourself, but I was super crunched for time on this party and did not need to add baking to my long to-do list. We just ordered a dozen red, and a dozen green cupcakes from Target. when I got them home, I added white chocolate chips for the spots, and used a sharpie to draw the eyes on the cupcake wrapper. DONE!

I also added a few other small touches to make the food special: The Boo cups, and the Mustache Straws. I just printed out a picture of King Boo, 8 images to a page, and cut out the mouths. Then mod-podged the mouth on a plain white cup and drew the eyes. And for the straws I just cut mustaches out of card stock and poked a straw through them.


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