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Mario Party: Koopa Kids Bowling Game June 4, 2012

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Another easy peasy game… and this one I did not copy from anyone! This one was entirely my dear husband’s idea 🙂 He also assembled everything… so I don’t have a lot of pictures on the “how-to”, but it’s simple, so I’m sure all my super smart followers can figure it out 🙂


We printed off pictures of all the Koopa Kids and Bowser. Then cut them out, and taped them to empty plastic water bottles. See, EASY!


I found some red balls at the Dollar Tree to use as “fire balls”, and the kids took turns rolling them to knock down the Koopa Kids.


This made for a good arrival activity… the kids got to expel some of that “I’m-so-excited-to-be-at-a-party!” energy, and it was fairly easy for them to reset the game on their own so that the parents could mingle a bit.


Forgive me… I really didn’t get any good pics of this game… But I think you can get the idea.



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