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Mario Party: Food Lables June 25, 2012

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Okay, one of the easiest  and cheapest ways to make your party “theme-y” is to use food labels! You just use regular party snacks can come up with a themed name for it. For instance, Pirate Theme- Pirate Pretzles, Captin’s Cookies, etc.


For our Mario Birthday food we had:


Power-Up Pizza

Yoshi Tongues (red licorice)

Bob-ombs (Whoppers/chocolate malt balls)

Fire Balls (Cheeto balls)

Ice Power (marshmallows)

Mushroom pops

Everything was lables with a picture of  a Mario character, and I think it really brought the theme together well.

And of course we had the cupcakes!!!! I was so happy when my son decided that these were the cupcakes he wanted… BY FAR the easiest to make! I actually made it even easier on myself by having Target bakery do all the hard stuff. Of course you could make these yourself, but I was super crunched for time on this party and did not need to add baking to my long to-do list. We just ordered a dozen red, and a dozen green cupcakes from Target. when I got them home, I added white chocolate chips for the spots, and used a sharpie to draw the eyes on the cupcake wrapper. DONE!

I also added a few other small touches to make the food special: The Boo cups, and the Mustache Straws. I just printed out a picture of King Boo, 8 images to a page, and cut out the mouths. Then mod-podged the mouth on a plain white cup and drew the eyes. And for the straws I just cut mustaches out of card stock and poked a straw through them.


Mario Party: Yoshi Egg Hunt June 20, 2012

I’m almost finished posting about the Mario Party stuff. Today, I’m talking about the last game, then it will only take me one or two more blog posts to talk about the food and decorations. It makes me happy to see you guys pinning my ideas on Pintrest! And I would love to hear some feedback on what you think of the party.


Anyway… Yoshi Egg Hunt.


The Yoshi egg Hunt was another easy, fun, inexpensive game. I’m lucky that Kyan’s birthday is in may…. that is to say right AFTER Easter. We already had plastic eggs out the wah-zoo  from all the egg hunts and school parties, and the few that we bought from the store were on clearance 🙂 It’s also good for me that I realized Kyan was only turning FOUR, and far to young to care if the eggs looked like the actual white-with-green-spots Yoshi eggs. I had a friend tell me that when she did a Mario Party for her son’s 5th birthday, they decided against the egg hunt because she couldn’t fine white plastic eggs. I’m really glad my kids didn’t care about the color and were able to just have fun!


So, a Yoshi Egg Hunt works just like a regular egg hunt: An adult hides the eggs and the kids find them. We were going to do this outside, but didn’t get my yard cleaned up in time for the party (oops!). So…. while I was in the playroom doing the Boo Balloon Bash with the kids, my husband hid the eggs in the living-room and kids’ rooms. Then we gave the kids some Target bags (we have an over abundance of those!), and we let them go!



Once all the eggs were collected– or so we thought…. we still kept finding eggs for like 2 days after the party(and this is why I use PLASTIC eggs and not real eggs)– the kids got to check out their loot.



And what did the Yoshi Eggs contain? Why, gold coins of course! Believe it or not, we still had  Chuck-E-Cheese coins sitting around that didn’t get used at LELAND’S 4th  birthday (a.k.a 2 YEARS ago!). We don’t go to Chuck-E-Cheese often… pretty much not unless we’re invited to a birthday party. That place is a form of torture if you have more than 1 kid ( ALWAYS super crowded and loud, and the kids want you to WATCH them play EVER SINGLE GAME or ride). So, yeah, we had about 200 Chuck-E-Cheese coins, and we put them in the eggs.



And that was the egg hunt 🙂  It was a lot of fun. Let me know what you think!




End-of-School-Year Crafties June 19, 2012

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Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA… again. I got busy with my son’s end-of-school-year activities, then I started reading the “Fifty Shades” series, and everything else just went by the wayside for a couple weeks. I finished the series last week, so now I’m back to post about all my fun craftiness. I’ll continue with the Mario Party stuff tomorrow, but TODAY I want to show you the gifts I made for Leland’s teacher.


First up…. I had Leland give this to his teacher the day of the Kindergarten Celebration and Awards Ceremony (2 days before the last day of school).



This was so simple and inexpensive! I recycled one of my Diamond Candle jars, bought some Chips Ahoy cookies, tied a ribbon, and voila!


Then for the last day of school I sent this bag of goodies in with Leland.



The bag had a beach towel, flip-flops, sunglasses, sunblock, water bottle, and 2 boxes of candy. I found both the little tag ideas on Pintrest and printed them out.


Then I also did this for Leland’s lunch on the last day. I think we will keep this as a tradition for every last day of school lunch.


Then, I put the bag inside his regular lunch box, so he had no idea until lunch time 🙂



I can’t believe my big boy will be going to first grade next year!!!!! As cliche as it is to say, time really does fly once you have kids… and it just seems to speed up with each year! Here’s another tradition we will keep… Picture from the first day and last day of each year:



I’m really glad I decided to take these pics. I can’t believe how much he’s grown over the past 9 months! He almost doesn’t even look like the same kid!



Mario Party: Koopa Kids Bowling Game June 4, 2012

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Another easy peasy game… and this one I did not copy from anyone! This one was entirely my dear husband’s idea 🙂 He also assembled everything… so I don’t have a lot of pictures on the “how-to”, but it’s simple, so I’m sure all my super smart followers can figure it out 🙂


We printed off pictures of all the Koopa Kids and Bowser. Then cut them out, and taped them to empty plastic water bottles. See, EASY!


I found some red balls at the Dollar Tree to use as “fire balls”, and the kids took turns rolling them to knock down the Koopa Kids.


This made for a good arrival activity… the kids got to expel some of that “I’m-so-excited-to-be-at-a-party!” energy, and it was fairly easy for them to reset the game on their own so that the parents could mingle a bit.


Forgive me… I really didn’t get any good pics of this game… But I think you can get the idea.