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Mario Party: Boo Bash Game May 30, 2012

The Boo Balloon Bash was a game I copied from several Mario birthday’s I saw…. I have no clue of the original source. This game was an easy, CHEAP source of entertainment for a wide rang of ages at the party… though it was a little scary for the younger kids 😦


The object of the game it to stomp on the Boo Balloons and get the gold coins inside.—— EASY!


I bought some cheap plastic coins…. I thought about just using the chocolate coins that I put in the pinata, but then I came to my senses and realized that that would just be a huge mess!


Hubby and I popped the coins inside, and blew up the balloons. Then we drew Boo faces and wings…. Boo actually has a pretty simple face to draw. Even my totally un-artistic husband was able to master it 🙂


Now, I’m sure this is something that all true Mario enthusiast already know, but my 6 year old had to clue me in: You MUST eat a Star Power Cookie before you stomp on the Boo Balloons! You CANNOT kill a Boo without Star Power. End Of. Story.


We put all the balloons out in the playroom, and let the kids have at them while my husband hid the eggs for the Yoshi Egg Hunt. The older kids (4 years +) really enjoyed this… but the younger kids got a little scared of all the loud pops.





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  1. […] my yard cleaned up in time for the party (oops!). So…. while I was in the playroom doing the Boo Balloon Bash with the kids, my husband hid the eggs in the living-room and kids’ rooms. Then we gave […]

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