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Mario Party: Paper Mache Piranha Plant May 23, 2012

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Originally I wasn’t going to go near paper mache! Yeah, it’s easy to make, and cost effective… but it’s messy! I don’t like messy crafts. Mostly because I don’t like the clean-up… or trying to keep my kids from turning things even messier.


THIS was the Piranha Plant that originally wanted to make! The lady that made this was a genious!… Just one problem. That plan calls for a solid, red, bouncy ball. I searched and searched, and wasn’t able to fins a single one 😦  So….


On to plan B: Paper Mache! The good things was, I already had everything I need to make it right in my house. Here’s the list of what I used, but I’m sure you could make it with other things as well.


Stuff you need:

Balloon (12″ is what I used)

2 Paper Towel Rolls (just the center cardboard-things, not the whole roll)


Old Coloring Book

Paper Mache Paste (see below for directions on making this)

Large Flowerpot

Paint (green, white, and red)

Construction Paper or Foam Sheets(white and black)

Small Cardboard Box

Step 1:

Make your form by taping the 2 paper towel roles together, and taping the balloon to one end of the paper towel roles. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of this step, but it’s  just a balloon on the end of a stick. Use a marker and draw on the balloon where you want the mouth to go

Step 2: 

Make your paper mache paste. They have a tone of recopies online. I opted for a no-cook paste. This is what you need…

Paper Mache Paste:



That’s it! Easy-peasy! Now just combine 1 part flour with 2 parts water, and mix… it should looks sort of like soupy pancake batter.

Step 3:

Now rip up that old coloring book… coloring book pages work just as well as newspaper, and for me, it was something I had readily available.  Make  2 inch wide strips, and dip them in the paste, and place on your form.

This is how my kids “color” sometimes… 1 little scribble! And that page will never be touched again because “someone already colored that one!” I have whole books that look like this!

I found it easiest to work with the balloon face down in the bucket because the paper towel roles could not support the weight after they were wet with paper mache


Step 4: 

*Let dry over night. Then repeat step 3* Repeat ** 1-2 more times.


Step 5:

I grapped a little cardboard box and cut a hole in it to steady my Piranha Plant in the flowerpot. Now you’re ready for some paint! I painted the green stem and red “head” first, then waited for the red to dry before I painted the white spots and “mouth”. The spots on the Piranha Plant should be all different sizes.


Step 6:

Once that’s all dry, it’s time to add some teeth! Every good Piranha Plant needs some teeth. Good SHARP teeth! I traced and cut mine out of a foam sheet and then glued them just inside the mouth of the Piranha Plant


Step 7:

Get a 2 sheets of black construction paper or foam sheets, and cut it to fit inside the flower pot at the base of the plant. This way it will look more like one of tunnels from Mario.


And you’re done! You can add leaves too, but I was running out of time, so I just left mine like this 🙂 I sat it out as decoration on the Mario wall. The kids all thought it was pretty cool!



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