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Mario Party: Question Mark Box Pinata Tutorial May 21, 2012

Alright, first tutorial for the Mario Party! I saw this on Pintrest (just a pic, not a tutorial), and KNEW it was one of the things I just HAD to make for this party!

Items Needed:


Construction Paper (any color)

Hot glue gun (and glue)

Wrapping Paper


White Construction Papaer

Mod Podge (or any clear drying glue)

Step 1:

Find a large square-ish box. This part was pretty easy to figure out. I save my diaper boxes to store things like clothes the kids out-grow. This size 5 box from Target worked perfect!

Next is where I had to do some thinking on how to execute this project. I planed on having the kids PUNCH the pinata through the bottom (like they do in Mario!) instead of hitting it with a stick like a typical pinata. I knew that the little kids would never be able to punch through the hard cardboard. So this is what I did…

Step 2:

Cut a hole in the bottom that is large enough for an adult fist.

Step 3: 

Lay a sheet of regular weight construction paper inside the bottom of the box (over your hole). My construction paper wasn’t quite big enough, so I just hot glued 2 pieces together… and instead of wasting new construction paper, I just recycled some my kids had scribbled on already 🙂

Step 4:

Hot glue the paper to the inside of the box. and sprinkle just a few goodies on top of this layer.

Step 5:

Repeat step 3. And this time add all the goodies on top :)…. Since it was Mario themed, we did mainly gold coins 🙂

Step 6:

Hot glue a piece of ribbon to the top of the box. Then wrap the box in solid yellow wrapping paper.

Step 7:

Add the question mark I cut mine out of white construction paper and mod-podged it on.

And, voila! You have a question mark box pinata fit for a Mario Party 🙂 The kids at the party really had a lot of fun with this.

Birthday boy power punch

And it rained down enough chocolate gold coins for everyone

Alright, I hope you enjoyed the first tutorial. Next up is the Paper Mache Piranha Plant… the post should be up either tomorrow or Wednesday 🙂


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