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Sorry I’ve Been MIA May 20, 2012

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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t checked in over a month! I feel awful for neglecting this blog, but I promise I’m back now 🙂


Here is the reason I’ve been MIA:



That’s my sweet baby boy, Kyan, and he just turned 4 years old. I’ve been spending every waking minuet working on his birthday party… his Super Mario Party! Now, I’m back, and I want to share all the fun ideas from this party with you guys, so you can have your own awesome Mario birthday!


Over the next few days, I’ll be posting pictures from the party, and tutorials on how to make the decorations and games. I know, at least when I started this blog, it was supposed to be all about crochet. But right now is the slow season…. so my choices are either to be MIA for 4 more months, or post about all the other fun crafty stuff I do. I hope everyone enjoys!


Mario Party posts will start tomorrow!!


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