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Silk TIE-Dyed Easter Eggs! April 6, 2012


Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Pintrest! It’s so awesome. I find some of the neatest idea there! My latest discovery is Silk TIE-Dyed Easter Eggs!


They are the coolest eggs I have ever seen! And from the second I saw the Pin on Pintrest, I knew I just HAD to try them for myself!


So, first thing first, I went to Goodwill and bought some silk ties. My local Goodwill didn’t have a big selection, but with Easter coming up this weekend, I wasn’t about to be running all over town trying to find the best patterns, and I just made due with what they had.



It is important that you make sure that the ties are 100% silk. Polyester will NOT work for this project!



Once you have your ties, you’ll need to grab a seam ripper or a small pair of sewing scissors and remove the lining and tags. So, you’ll be left with a pile of silk that looks something like this:


Now, wrap you UNCOOKED eggs in the silk. I recommend wrapping the egg before cutting the silk, that way you are sure to have the egg  fully covered. You will want to wrap them tight, as tight as you can without cracking the egg. And you want as few folds in the fabric as possible. The parts of the egg with the most direct contact with the silk will have the best transfer.Secure with a piece of string or a twist tie…. twist ties make it MUCH easier to keep the fabric taught. Trust me on this one!



Now, repeat the process with a piece of light color, light-weight cloth…. I cut up and old pillow case. For this step, it’s not as important that the cloth be wrapped tight.



Now, boil all the eggs in a large pot of water with about 1/4 a cup of white vinegar. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for at least 20 minuets.



Once the eggs are done boiling, put them on a towel on in a colander  to dry and cool. Now it’s the fun part! Once the eggs are cooled, you get to open them, and see what you got! Each egg will look a little different, even if you used the same color tie.


I’m really happy with mine 🙂 Next time I will plan in advance and search for more paisleys and florals!




Perry the Platypus April 3, 2012

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Really this project should have been complete back in January! I feel awful that it took me so long. My husband got this order for me. It’s for one of his costumers. HIS plan was to give me the order, then collect the money when he gave her the hat. But here’s the thing:


He kept telling me, “don’t worry, it’s no rush”…. UGH! Way to mess with my brain. I am VERY used to working under a deadline, and the thing that usually keeps the pressure on me is that I have my costumer’s money up front, so I know that I need to deliver, and fast. Not having the money up front, just makes it feel like it’s not a real order in my mind. And that’s bad! Then my husband telling me not to rush, just makes it feel like even less of a real order. So, I kept pushing this hat farther and farther down my order list….


And now it’s 4 months later, and I have only JUST finished it! God, it makes me feel so unprofessional! I can’t believe I let it slip that far 😦


In any event, it’s done now… And it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself.