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My Sunday-Fun-Day Craft March 19, 2012

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I’ve been seeing this Easter Egg Garland all over Pintrest lately, and thought it was really pretty. So, yesterday I had a little free time, and decided to give it a try.


Now, if you know me at all, you know that I don’t work very well with instructions/patterns/tutorials when it comes to creative projects. I did not even read what the lady wrote in her blog about this, until just now when I grabbed the link to give credit. I just decided that it looked easy enough from the pin, and went for it. I have a TON of scrap yarn lying around (what good crocheting girl doesn’t?!), and I’m a sucker for Mod Podge, so those were my materials of choice, but I think the rest was pretty much the same. So here’s what you need:


Water Balloons (filled with air, NOT water)

Some sort of string (yarn, crochet thread, embroidery floss, etc)

Some sort of strong glue… I used Mod Podge and watered it down a bit.

More string (to hang the “eggs” on)

Drop clothes/ newspaper/ old sheets (this is a MESSY craft!)

Sewing needle

After everything was assembled, the hard part was over. I covered my work surface and the floor where I hung the balloons to dry . Then I dipped the string into the glue mixture, and began wrapping it around the balloons. Some I uses a lot of string, and some I used less… I like both looks. Once I finished wrapping one balloon I would hang it up to dry by threading the knot of the balloon onto some crochet thread. I did this for all the balloons, then let them dry over night.

Once they were dry, I popped the balloons with a sewing needle, and strung them up on crochet thread. I think they look wonderfully festive  for Easter:) And I’m planning to make some more to sit out in a dish.

Oh! And I even made this little collage for all you Pintrest users out there 🙂


3 Responses to “My Sunday-Fun-Day Craft”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I love ’em! Thanks! Now I have a Spring Break craft to do!! 🙂

  2. They are gorgeous!! Seriously pretty and looks like a LOT of fun. I think I might have to force my children to do this just so that I can give it a go! 😀

  3. emmahevezi Says:

    wow! i am going to have a go myself! wowee i think that this idea is amazing and i would like to have these easter egg garlands all around my room 🙂
    thankyou for sharing this awesome idea 🙂

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