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Anything you can do… March 12, 2012

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…I can do better!


LOL… but seriously. ;P


So, I was going to wait until after I gave these items to my customer/friend before posting, but…. that got delayed and I just can’t wait any longer! Check out this cute newborn set:


Those little loafer booties were a special request that my friend found on Etsy and asked me to make for her. I love getting orders like that…. because, secretly, I think I can make cuter stuff than most the sellers on Etsy. I have a similar order that someone just put in… An adorable hat that they found on another site, and now I get to make it 🙂 I hope my fans know that I can make more than what I have pictured on my page. And I LOVe to try new things. I can make just about anything… I just need you to place an order so I can fund the project!




2 Responses to “Anything you can do…”

  1. Linda Ormond Says:

    As an Artisian myself of handmade creations, I appreciate all of your designs. They are simply adorable.

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