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Camo Wedding Cake February 6, 2012

I ad planned on posting the pictures of the completed new line- that’s right, the new line is finished!- but, it’s another gloomy day here, so no good for taking picture. *Le sigh*


Instead…. I’m going to show you pictures of the cake and cupcakes I made for my dad’s wedding this past weekend.


Alright, let me say, that I am NOT a wedding cake decorator…. in fact I have NEVER made a wedding cake before, and I’ve only ever worked with fondant once! Also, my dad’s engagment was less than a month long…. I only had about 3 weeks to teach myself how to make a wedding cake! So, all things considered, I think I did pretty well.


Alright, so… my dad is a redneck, if ever there was a redneck. They decided to embrace this for the wedding, and wanted a camouflaged wedding cake (they couldn’t make it easy one me). I was able to talk them in to cupcakes  and a 6 ” round cake on the top of the cupcake tower, so that made things a bit more manageable. And with an idea in place, I began to search YouTube and Pintrest for tips and tutorials. I was able to find some really great stuff!!!!!!!!

So, the first thing I learned was how to make the cake camo on the inside! To do this I made 2 boxes of cake mix (yeah, I used boxed mixes… not a baker, remember). One was chocolate, and the other was white. I mixed the batters according to the instructions, and divided the white cake batter in to 3 bowls. I dyed 1/3 ivory, 1/3 light brown, and 1/3 green… and I left the chocolate batter as is. Then I just dropped in one small spoon full of each color at a time.


I did the same thing with the cupcakes… but just dropped smaller spoon fulls…. This is what the cupcakes looked like when they came out of the oven:


Then I found an awesome YouTube tutorial on how to “Tye Dye Fondant”…. I just used camo colors (black, brown, and 2 different greens). This was my 6”, 2 layer cake with the camo fondant… not the best picture.


Then I planned to frost the cupcakes on site. However, there was a last minuet time change :/ Instead of the wedding starting at 4pm like I was told, they moved it up to 2pm… and didn’t tell me until 1pm!!!! So we rushed to the site, and I enlisted the help of my cousin, aunt, and great aunt to help me (QUICKLY) ice 80 cupcakes. So when you look at these next 2 picture, please understand that there was no time for prefection.


And inside the cupcakes:


So, that was my crazy endeavor into baking… I now had a new found respect for this craft. And I can say with absolute certainty that I will NEVER  want to become a baker for a living. But my dad and his new bride were happy, and that’s all that matters 🙂




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  1. Love the wedding cake topper

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