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Icky Weather :/ January 23, 2012

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Ugh! we have icky, foggy weather here in North East Florida this morning. I had planned on posting 2 new hats today, but the weather is just too gross to get any good pictures outside… and I HAVE to go outside to get decent pics because all I have is my little point and shoot digital camera.


But guess what?!?!


These will be hat designs # 9 and #10! Plus I’m already working on 2 other designs. After that, I think I’ll be ready to debute the new line on my FB page with prices!! Eeek!! I’m so excited to see what all my fans think! This new line was definitely what I needed to get me back to loving crochet again… I was getting burnt out of making a thousand Hello Kitty and Sock Monkey hats.


After, I’m finished with the new line, if I’m not busy with orders, I plan on starting my Upcycle project. I can’t wait to see what sort of things I can make with my thrift store finds 🙂 That will be a fun project!



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