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Upcycling January 19, 2012

I didn’t work at all yesterday. I woke up with a terrible migraine. I blame the sudden weather change.  I spent most of yesterday laying on the couch and praying that my kids would behave. So, I didn’t get to blog about this yesterday, but what are your thoughts on “upcycled” hats?


For those that don’t know, I LOVE to thrift store shop. My husband and I joke that we wish Goodwill had a frequent shopper card of some sort since we’re there a MINIMUM of twice a week! Well, on Tuesday we went to both Joann’s AND Goodwill- It was awesome, perfect shopping day! At Joann’s I was looking at some clips from Laliberi that I think would be gorgeous on a hat. The problem is, those clips are EXPENSIVE! And, yes, I COULD make most of those things myself for slightly cheaper, but not much. I didn’t buy any of the clips, just my yarns, and some stems of silk flowers. Then we went to Goodwill, and I saw these:



I think these would be lovely on a hat! But then I was thinking, “would people be okay with used items on their hat?”, and they would obviously have to be one of a kind hats, as I can’t just go down to Goodwill and buy more. Then…. there’s the whole recycled yarn, that my ravelry pals have been talking about forever, and I’ve been dieing to try my hand at! Basically you buy sweaters at thrift stores, unravel them, and reuse the yarn. Some people re-dye the yarn too.


So, recycled yarns +  recycled broaches (and anything else I can find) = Upcycled hats.


What do you think? Do I have a market for that sort of thing?




One Response to “Upcycling”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    My mom had that butterfly pin when I was growing up. I loved it! I know that I, personally, would have no issue having a “used” item on a hat. Or even a hat made from used yarn. I really wish I could think of a hat to go with that pin but every time I look at it I just see my mom getting ready for work.

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