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OT: My Diamond Candle January 14, 2012

Have you guys heard of Diamond Candles? I am in love! Someone pinned something about them on Pintrest, and now I’m obsessed!


Diamond Candles are natural soy candles that smell amazing. But the cool thing about Diamond Candles is that every candle has a hidden ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5,000!!!! How cool is that?!?!  And all the rings I’ve seen are gorgeous, even the $10 ones!


Sooooooo…… since my  birthday was yesterday, my husband ordered me a candle last week ( Yay! do a little happy dance :)). AND, the candle arrived in the mail yesterday… on my birthday! Awesome!


I was so excited! Luckily, my ring was near the top, so we only had to wait a couple of hours for the wax to get soft enough for me to dig the ring out. Yes, I DUG the ring out instead of waiting patiently for the wax to melt down low enough… I am not a patient person! I ended up with one of the cheap/fake rings, worth only about $10. It is still gorgeous! It’s a yellow gold band with a huge amethyst stone. And it actually fits my tiny fingers! That was, honestly, the one thing I was worried about… the rings come in all sizes and you never know what you’re going to get. Plus, amethyst is my daughter’s birthstone, so that’s kind of cool!


Photo collage of my FIRST Diamond Candle ring reveal:


Someone posted on the Diamond Candle Facebook page today that they got a $1000 ring out of the same sent candle as mine! Drat that could have been me, if hubby had only ordered just a bit sooner :/ So, go check them out, and let me know if you get a pricey ring, or even if you just love these candles as much as me. and I’ll be back with more crochet stuff on Monday 🙂




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