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New Line Still Needs a Name! January 5, 2012

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Here is another new hat for the new line. I’m thinking of making a matching “boy version” of it as well. This is one that I would just LOVE to see a photographer use in a newborn session.




Also, here’s a collage of one of the hats I posted 2 days ago. I just felt that the first picture didn’t show it off well…. It’s one of those hat’s that really needs to be on a HEAD to get the full effect. It just looks too pointy here… not that it “slumps” a lot, but it definitely doesn’t stick straight up, KWIM? And I can’t find my little stand that I usually use when things don’t look right when laying flat…. That little vase was the closest I could find :/




ANYWAY! This new line still needs a name before I can put them up for sale on my FB page! HELP!!!!!!! I am seriously at a loss. I could just add them all to my “Specialty Hats” album, but I really wanted to keep these separate, in their own category.




4 Responses to “New Line Still Needs a Name!”

  1. Hi, I love your infant hats. I’m really into crocheting and admire the creativity of those who can design and create patterns, especially such imaginative ones 🙂
    A name that came to my mind for your line, is “Pixie Toppers” – pixies being infants, toppers being hats.
    Good luck on finding the perfect name.

  2. Sherry Says:

    How about Whimsical Wear? They are all so wonderful. You are so talented!! Good luck to you!!


  3. Kristen Says:

    Name for the new line: Whimsical Couture!!!!!
    LOVE the newest addition!

  4. […] up,I made a less feminine version of the hat I posted last week. As I said before, I would LOVE to see these on a boy/girl twin set. So […]

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