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Preview! January 3, 2012

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I got outside to take some pictures of my new stuff today. These pics REALLY don’t do the hats justice! I need a tiny baby to put them on, to get the full effect. But I just couldn’t wait to share! I love these new hats so much!!!

Tell me what you think!

Bonnet with satin ribbon and silk flowers:

This one is my FAVORITE! My husband calls it the “fairy princess hat”. This picture makes it look more “pointy” than it really is, but laying flat on the ground didn’t look right either.

This one is a bit more funky… but I like it…. And it’s bigger than the other 2, so I may try to squeeze it on Elia’s head to take a better pic ;P The yarn has a lot more purple in it than what showed up in the picture (I do not claim to be a photographer!). The ribbon is threaded woven through and ties in the back.

I don’t really know if I should include this hat here…. It’s just a basic beanie made with thick and thin yarn. BUT it’s one of a kind, hand-spun wool. I like it, and think it would be adorable on a baby boy 🙂


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