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Because I want to be on Pintrest, LOL December 30, 2011

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So, Pintrest won’t let me pin things from my Facebook Page. That means I need to upload picture here, or to my Ravelry Page before I can pin them. And since I want to be a ever so Pintresting….. He comes a lot of pictures of my stuff 🙂

If you want to follow me on Pintrest, all of these things will be pinned onto the “Yeah, I made that :)” board. Happy Pinning everyone!


Ready for 2012! December 29, 2011

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Eekk! It’s almost the new year and time to start taking orders again!

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve made from the past year in random order:


The Holidays December 19, 2011

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Christmas is less than a week away, and I FINALLY mailed off all my holiday orders. For awhile there, I really thought that I wouldn’t get everything finished in time! This was definitely a crazy hectic season! Now, I’m so glad to have these next couple weeks to focus on my family and this crazy messy house…. my housework gets neglected when I have orders to get out.

There were lots of set backs on getting orders out – the usual stuff like kids getting sick, holiday parties,  etc.- but one of  my big set backs was working on these 3 unicorns for a friend.

Now, I don’t usually use patterns in my work, but I will if a customer requests a specific design. But using patterns just slow me down, and my gauge is never the same as the pattern writer, so it’s always slow work with a lot of false starts :/  I was happy with the end results, but these things took me a whole WEEK for each unicorn! (that’s a lot of time fore me to spend on one project!) *Le sigh* But now their done and in the mail, and I HOPE the 3 sweet little girls they are going to really love them.

Another thing that took up a lot of my time this season were all the craft shows I did! I did my first EVER show in October, and it was awesome! I did it with a group of my crafty friends (split the cost! Cha-ching!), and we had a blast :)… then a couple weeks later, I did another show with a friend…. the about a week after that, I put my stuff in a show with another friend (though I did not stay around to sell at this one)…. then a couple weeks after that I did a home party with a friend!  FOUR SHOWS! I was one busy bee!!!!! It’s a wonder I was able to get any orders out at all!